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Part One:
Foundations of Wellness

Following in the footsteps of over 3000 people who have completed TheWEL Course, you too will learn to shift your approach to living and self-care away from today’s epidemics. 

This introductory course provides you with:

TheWEL Guidebook, a 290 page volume,  covering all the content and science across all five courses listed below.

You will also receive the Workbook for Part One which will help you to apply the learning to your own life,  the course powerpoint and  4.5 hours of video based teaching from Dr David Reilly, a world renowned doctor, teacher and academic, who within his distinguished career, spent 10 years as visiting professor at Harvard Medical School.
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What's included?

Embark on a transformative journey to unlock your wellness potential and cultivate compassionate self-care practices.

Current health crises 
The journey begins by exploring the current global health pandemics  and our healthcare system's inadequacy to address them.

From this launch point, we quickly open up to the possibility that change is possible for us as individuals and as a society, and goes on to lay the foundations for lasting change in our wellness. 
Maps Drive Behaviour
Many attempts to improve our wellbeing fade away because they focus on our willpower and challenge us to change our behaviour.

We introduce the concept of “maps” and show how sustained wellness enhancement requires a change of the underlying maps that drive our behaviour.
Our innate capacity for healing
Next comes an introduction to our innate capacity for healing and the centrality of self-care and compassion to activate this. 

Part One concludes with some practical first steps towards enhanced wellness.
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