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Part X: Your Journey into the Future

The final part of the course helps you get ready for your future adventure and maintaining your self-care and supporting others.  We prepare to meet the inconsistencies, challenges, major setbacks and periods of storm that inevitably await us.

To use a metaphor, we are not trying to control the waves,  but become a better sailor. One who is calmer, more at peace, with greater wellness.
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What's included?

Preparing for the journey ahead.

  Searching for the JEWELS
Part Five begins with a review of the material covered in the first four courses and introduces the concept of searching for our individual JEWELS ( Journey Essences of TheWEL)

We know from our previous learning on neuroscience and maps that the journey ahead is not going to be plain sailing and this course is to prepare us with the resilience to start again when we find ourselves going back to old ways.
  States and Stages
In our WEL journey we need the ability to distinguish between states - how we are feeling right now, and stages - where we are in our overall WEL journey. 

In a storm it can feel like we are back at stage one and we can retreat back into our old habits, like a chick trying to get back into its shell.

But once our new insights have germinated, we can't forget them and sooner or later we will begin to remember what we have learned on the course and get back in the saddle.
  The Storm Plan
By expecting the "weather" of our life we can expect our journey to go in cycles of stormy and calmer times.

Good sailors only appear in storms and to complete the course Dr Reilly takes us through an invaluable exercise of developing our own Storm Plan and writing it down so we area ready when the next storm comes along and blows us off course on our wellness journey.
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