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Part Four: Breaking Free From Your Mind

"If only we could get some peace from the constant chatter that goes on inside our heads”.

Part Four of TheWEL Course provides us with access to solutions to quieten our minds and support us to challenge the anxiety-provoking thought patterns that drive unhelpful behaviour.

We will gain a better understanding of how anxiety impairs our ability to make rational decisions, and learn techniques to begin to observe the mind and resist being dragged along by our thoughts and feelings. 

By cultivating a gentle attitude towards our mind we will learn to question it and the maps that have brought us to where we are. 

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What's included?

Questioning our Thoughts -
Breaking Free From Your Mind (and its Maps)

  You have a mind ... but you are not you're mind
Part Four begins by introducing the idea of stepping out of the experience of our mind and its thoughts and taking up the role of observer.

When we are stuck in the mind our life runs on a sort of auto-pilot and we end up in a repetitive cycle of thoughts feelings and actions.

Using a series of humorous stories and metaphors, this part of the course begins to introduce the idea that we can develop fresh perspectives on situations in our life that have caused us suffering.

  Becoming The Observer of Our Mind
The course then moves on to a deeper exploration of that part of us that is able to observe the mind and its thoughts.

Through the practice of mindfulness meditation we are able to practice moving in and out of the two states of consciousness - the (small) mind and the larger part of us that exists even when we have no thoughts.

We begin to strengthen the ability to soothe ourselves and question the maps that cause anxiety.

  Practical Techniques to Question Our Thoughts and Feelings
The last part of the course draws on The Work by Byron Katie. 

Dr Reilly leads us through the process of identifying   certain believed thoughts that keep us stuck and the practical techniques of actively questioning these thoughts to discover fresh ways of seeing a situation. 

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