Develop improved health, deeper happiness and a calmer mind 

We all face times of challenge that disrupt our wellbeing, happiness and health. TheWEL course brings time-tested and scientifically proven ways to help.

In this course, Dr David Reilly will help you develop your own self-mastery in growing a calmer mind, a warmer heart, deeper happiness, and greater health.

Perhaps it is everyday stress and difficulties you are facing? Or, maybe you are currently doing well, but want to learn to protect your future health to get the most out of life?

Whatever your motivation, you can now join a growing movement  who have embarked on this journey of Wellness Enhancement Learning and have improved and even transformed their wellness.

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Reclaim your wellness

Are you experiencing a health difficulty that affects your relationships and hinders your daily activities? Do you find yourself too exhausted to excel at work or too drained to enjoy socialising with friends? 
Imagine feeling isolated and stuck at home, unable to exercise or engage in the activities you once loved due to chronic pain and health conditions. This constant struggle not only affects your physical health but also takes a toll on your emotional well-being. Think about the moments you miss out on and the dreams you set aside because you lack the energy and strength to pursue them. This is what Angela faced every day.
The purpose of TheWEL Course is to teach you how to break this cycle and guide you towards a life where you can flourish. We address the root causes of your health conditions, stress and pain, helping you regain control over your health. Imagine reclaiming your life, feeling empowered to participate in social activities, excel at work, and enjoying life with renewed enthusiasm and joy. Angela did it, and you can too!

Benefits Backed by Science

TheWEL course has been proven to produce remarkable lasting results for most of its participants. This proof has been built in three layers:
  • Over 20 years of rigorous medical practice-based evidence to establish the core WEL approach and results 
  • Then over 12 years of ratings in over 3000 participants, guiding cycles of improvement 
  • Then confirmation of the results in in-depth scientific studies in over 300 people with person-centred measures, depth case studies, and blood results.

Physical Wellness

Some of the benefits experienced by our participants:

  • Eating better (86%)
  • Less dependence on prescribed drugs (42%)
  • Improvement in health conditions (77%)

Mental Wellness

Some of the benefits experienced by our participants:

  • Self care (77%)
  • Ability to cope with stress (77%)
  • Relationship improvements (66%)

Objective Blood Markers

Following completion of TheWEL Course:

  • 2 in 3 improved their Omega 3-6 ratio (linked to heart disease, inflammation, depression, arthritis)
  • 1 in 3 reversed their pre-Diabetes


    "TheWEL transformed how I view my health and wellbeing and set me on a path of healing.  I now live a much fuller and happier life. I would highly recommend the course!"

    Jennifer Robinson

    "Before TheWEL I was type 2 Diabetic. What I liked about TheWEL is that it's not just another therapy, but it's actually deep learning and knowledge that's easy to apply. The course helped me cut through things I was trapped in and I'm no longer diabetic."

    William O'Connor 

    'TheWEL was the start of a new way of living for me.
    It shifted my way of seeing and being and gifted me skills to navigate and love daily life. It taught me how to flourish.'

    Susie Greig

    Dr David Reilly
    A Health-Care Pioneer 

    TheWEL is the life's work of Dr David Reilly, a doctor from Scotland who is a global pioneer in integrative care.

    Spanning a forty year career as doctor, teacher and researcher,  Dr Reilly has taught integrative medicine in 26 countries and is an accomplished researcher known for breaking new ground in medical thinking.

    Years ahead of his time, Dr Reilly was one of the pioneers that laid the foundations for what has become known as Functional Medicine in the US, and Lifestyle Medicine in the UK.  

    The Public Health Institute of Scotland credited Dr Reilly and his WEL Course as seeding the needed Fifth Wave of health care and prevention. 
    Course Teacher
    Dr David Reilly is an internationally renowned doctor and researcher who evolved TheWEL from his direct clinical work with patients over 20 years. His pioneering work spans forty years as a Consultant Physician, Researcher, Teacher, and Innovator. 

    Over 1 Million people have watched Dr Reilly's Ted Talk 'Human Healing Unlocked'

    Dr David Reilly

    • Director TheWEL Charity
    • Co-founder and Director TheWEL World

    What to expect from TheWEL Course

    Let Dr Reilly guide you towards life-changing insights that alter your view of yourself and your world, trigger your deeper values and motivations, and help you learn and practice a more compassionate approach to your life. 

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